Centrum sociálnych služieb ViaVitae, n.o.,SK



 Centrum social services ViaVitae, n.o. provides social services to solve unfavorable social situations due to severe health impairments, unfavorable health status, or due to reaching retirement age for individual target groups. 

Art therapy sessions are already popular part of activities in ViaVitae, n.o. for their clients. Each Friday art therapist comes to Via Vitae and have 2 hour session with group of 10 clients. This is the group for art therapy. Besides that art therapist provides individual therapies for clients in need. 

ViaVitae, n.o. was established in 2013 as a facility for seniors that provides residential forms of social services. We try to provide our clients with a dignified and high-quality rest of their lives so that we maintain human dignity and respect for the person as a unique and unrepeatable being in all circumstances.

ViaVitae, n.o. is located in newly built premises. ViaVitae social services center building, n.o. it has an excellent location, as it is located near the center of the city of Ružomberok. The facility is ready for the process of deinstitutionalization of social services, which means that newly created facilities should have the characteristics of family housing. This requirement is met by ViaVitae, n.o. its capacity and equipment. The pleasant interior is adapted to the individual requirements of clients.

24-hour services are provided at the facility.

We cooperate at the city level in the process of community planning, on the creation of goals and measures in the working group of seniors and people with disabilities.